Best way to rank a website - Step by step

There are millions of websites in the world. Over 90% of them are commercial purpose websites/ blogs. So there are a huge competition for search positions. Only the first 10 positions for a keyword gets the best advantage of search results.Normally people only check the first page, they won't go for 2nd and 3rd pages.

Everything depend on how google list the results.They have an algorithm for it. Over 200 factors effecting that.

1. Age of the domain
2. Backlinks /Quality of the backlinks
3. Site speed,Loading time
4. Quality of the content
5. Amount of posts/ updates
6. Alexa rank
7. Bounce rate of the users
8. Social Media Availability
9.  Visitors /Traffic
10. Competition of the niche

Those are the main features that google will potentially check before listing in search results.
 Among those 10 major factors, site speed, quality of the content, amount of posts on website and on social media are the this that can manage by your self.

Shifting to a good server rather than shared hosting will get you a quicker loading time.

Quality of the content is essential for better rankings, copied content will ruin your website,
check twice before you post , check for plagiarism even you purchased the content. A simple mistake will lead to waste your valuable time and money.

Active on social media will also increase search positions.

But the main thing the Backlinks, Alexa rank, visitors and the competition is the the factors that you cannot control.
Naturally you will get backlinks but it will take nearly 10 years for a good amount of backlinks.

So you need to buy backlinks, Alexa rank, Social media views, visitos

For that we can recommend  SEO SMM Panel.

Which you can get search engine optimization services for the cheapest price and highly reliable. And they have a wonderful customer support.


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